Unique Branded Charging Stations

QEV Charge specializes in combining electric vehicle charging stations and your brand. We incorporate your logo and colors into a customizable EV charging unit.

Why QEV Charge Branded Charging Stations?

QEV Brands It Your Way...

You’re investing in electric vehicle charging.  Don’t go generic. Partner with QEV Charge & put your organization’s name out there.

Why is branding important?  

Have you ever seen a bank ATM without the bank’s name on it?

Have you ever seen a gas station without branding?  Of course not.

Branding is everything. QEV Charge makes it easy to promote your business with custom graphics and advertising specific to your business.

Company Logo & Graphics

Corporate Branding

Custom Marketing Ad Panels

A Quality Charger Built To Last

QEV Charge offers 3 charger models, made in America and built to last in any climate.

Tailored Software

QEV Charge offers convenience and compatibility at your fingertips.

Open Charge Point Protocol | OCPP

Multiple Payment Options

Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Who Partners With
QEV Charge?

EV Drivers appreciate public parking that allows them to charge while running their errands. Businesses with charging stations near restaurants and retail stores can take advantage of increased time spent on-site as well.

Get Plugged In With
QEV Charge

Contact us to learn more and see how QEV Charge can help your business.